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Keeping A Mad-Eye On: The Harry Potter Festival

THE little festival down the road signaled one of the first cooler nights of the fall and then like magic, the weather was a dream until December— at which point it was a nightmare (and then not so bad).
January 12, 2017madeye
This item from the Janesville Gazette online may signal a change in venue for next year’s festival.
The Edgerton City Council denied most of the organizers requests for fall 2017 at a special city council meeting yesterday. Although the council agreed on sharing overtime costs for local police, they let more ambitious ideas such as The Hogwarts Express train chug on down the road unfunded.
Most of the requests were denied and festival organizer Rob Cramer pulled a Trump and wouldn’t take questions after the council meeting. He said other cities expressed interest in the whimsical fest which begs the question, where might the Harry Potter Festival apparate to in 2017.
Source: GazetteXtra, January 12. 2017


Summer of 2017 UPDATED. The festival is in Jefferson this year, I can’t wait to see what they do with it. It will be hosted from October 20-22. Stayed tuned for updates.

Some of my fav photos from Edgerton’s Harry Potter Festival











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