Pie and Reubens: The Norske Nook

The Norske Nook



The DeForest Norske Nook, is one of those places that makes you want everything you see.

Reason enough to order, share, photograph and dish. I’ve been wanting to go there and review it for the Dish for. ever. I wrote them years ago at either Rice Lake or Osseo, but never heard back. Since they’ve got a new restaurant a handful of miles away, I finally gave them a trial run yesterday.

We’re having a birthday dinner there tomorrow so more photos and menu items will be posted soon.

First up, chilled strawberry pie, classified as a Fresh Berry Pie along with blackberry and raspberry on the vast Norske Nook Pie Menu.

The Good: Huge fresh strawberries, flaky, tender crust.

The Iffy: The gelatin filling although tangy, is still too bland and too plentiful. I’m not a fan of this kind of filling and will forever chase the strawberry pie we ate at a sixties Country Kitchen on the south side of Madison.

The Bad: Not real whipped cream. What what what?

Root beer float is the kind of novelty pie you want to try once just to say you had… is something you’d think from the title.

Uh uh. SupercalifragiYUM. Incredible. I love root beer floats, the Dish Taste Testers love root beer floats, three of us tasted this frozen summer pie and all three of us LOVED it.

The Northwoods Root Beer Float pie is one of four frozen pies offered by the sugary Norwegian restaurant and bakery. I wasn’t too tempted by the Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Mousse, or Orange Dreamsicle, all which seemed too rich or like that time I got properly over served and colorfully sick on Orange Dreamsicle cocktails during a round robin (going from dorm room to dorm room) in the seventies.

The Good: It tastes like a root beer float. Although so thick the young waiter broke a knife slicing off a piece to go (we needed to use plastic wrap on the top of the box because the pie was too big for it), it tastes light and refreshing. Not too sweet, decent crust I think but honestly didn’t notice, a hefty hunk of pie that goes down easy.

The Iffy: Get bigger to-go boxes.

The Bad: Again, not real whipped cream, but it didn’t matter as much with this pie and I wonder if the “whipped topping” lends itself more efficiently to freezing.

I had to include their Wisconsin Reuben because the corned beef brisket was tender, flavorful, not too rich or sliced too thick or thin and blended seamlessly with the perfect amount of kraut and Swiss cheese. It was lovingly nestled between two pieces of awesome cranberry wild rice bread.  I’ll see if they sell it in their bakery tomorrow when we go for my mother’s birthday.

The Norwegian Restaurant and bakery have five locations, the DeForest Norske Nook is open from 6 am – 9 pm Monday through Saturday and 8 am – 8 pm on Sunday. Telephone: 842-3378. The dish is that this location is not doing well, so if you’re in the Madison or DeForest area stop by downtown DeForest at Main and Holum.

Remember, Wednesday is Pie Day. Pie Day Wednesday offers a different pie choice weekly, the prices increased from $2.99 for pie and coffee to $3.49.

Summer of 2017 Update: The Northwoods Rootbeer Float is still on the menu but not available without placing a special order ahead of time.