Who doesn’t love cheese besides my bathroom scale and the BBC who talk about fatty foods resulting in a lousy night’s sleep and list cheese as an example.  It’s safe to say a slice of cheese product wrapped in plastic is not our mainstay despite your remarks to the contrary, Stephen Fry.
Cheese, calories and bad dreams aside, I’m blogging and living the dream and occasional nightmare in south central Wisconsin. I took a break sometime during the pandemic and am slowly raising my mask in well ventilated spaces in anticipation of safer and cheesier times to come.

A photo I took at Clausen’s, a place I should avoid

My first ever blog post was for The Wisconsin Candy Dish on September of 2006 so there must be something to it. I say this after years of mostly unsolicited packages of sweet, sweet, sugary sugar delivered to me for review and what seemed like a lifetime of searching for synonyms other than toothsome.  The word reminds me of  cavities which reminds me of the dentist which reminds me I now have Type 2 Diabetes.


I walked away from the Candy Dish before I got the diagnosis, but did put up a repost about Ice Cream For Breakfast a week after the Polar Vortex and a month before I learned I had type 2 diabetes.
Now I get my blogging kicks from
The Ched Curtain where I can connect with other bloggers and the occasional photographer while trying to be funny. Ive made some new friends, one of whom (ach, editing) even sent me a gorgeous case of persimmons for Christmas which is a lot healthier than what I’m usually biting into that time of year.

Bacon Candy, chocolate covered bacon’s healthy alternative

This is a long way to go to say why I’m changing the name from Mostly Dogs and Candy to something else. Although I love the name I can no longer be that kid in a candy shop, which is not a bad name for a blog.
I think for now I’ll keep looking for a better name and concentrate on the mostly dogs part

Since this started out as an online portfolio:

Graduated from the University of Wisconsin
UW-La Crosse
Madison Area Technical College/Madison College
UW-Madison Extension

Degrees in Journalism, Theater and Visual Communications
Emphasis in Creative Writing, Photography, Digital Media, Digital Storytelling and Sound Production

Interests include Swimming, Fitness, Healthy Eating, Baseball, Television, Movies, Local Events, Dogs but without the candy.

One of my favorite quotes:
“I believe in another life, I was coffee!”

—Lorelai Gilmore